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Egypt launches the Offices for Technology, Innovation and Commercialisation (TICO)

With the objective to put new life in the knowledge economy of Egypt, the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) alongside with the Egyptian patent office launched a national initiative to strengthen the link between scientific research and industry. A network of Offices for Technology, Innovation and Commercialisation (TICO) will be established within research institutions, as well as public and private universities willing to take part in the project.

TICOs will act as incubators of technological development and disseminators of innovation to society at large. Each TICO is structured in three complementary parts:

  • Grant and International Cooperation Offices (GICO) which provide information about funding opportunities and support grant writing training
  • Technology, Innovation Support Centres (TISC)
  • Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) which operate as technology incubators, liaise with industry and university, and offer expert advice on licensing agreements negotiations to universities, SMEs and start-up