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The AMAPIC and the TISC network in Morocco

OMPIC established as part of the national innovation strategy, a network of Technology, Innovation Support Centres (TISC). The aim is to place Morocco among the technology producers by supporting high value-added economic growth and to strengthen the Kingdom’s potential in R&D.

TISCs aim to provide :

  • on-line access to patent and non-patent literature
  • support in search and retrieval of technical information
  • training in information search and retrieval on specialised databases
  • technology watch services and patent landscaping
  • information on relevant IP legislation, management and commercialisation of IP

This network facilitate access to patent information for local users: innovative companies, researchers, universities, inventors, technology incubators, technology centres.

A list of TISC focal points in Morocco can be downloaded here :

In order to further develop the Intellectual Property knowledge of the national innovation stakeholders, the OMPIC created the Moroccan Academy for Intellectual and Commercial Property (AMAPIC). Notably, the AMAPIC aims at :

  • providing learning modules, at the Academy and via e-learning
  • promoting strategic use of intellectual and commercial property
  • contributing to dissemination of intellectual and commercial property culture through specialised conferences and seminars
  • developing cooperation programmes and partnerships with foreign academies operating in the field of intellectual and commercial property.